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HBCU Inspired Coloring Book

HBCU Inspired Coloring Book

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Have you ever seen an HBCU coloring book? 

If you know, then you know! But if you don't, I feel sorry for you. There is no experience like the HBCU experience. Read that again - because HBCUs are life!

Here we love to celebrate our HBCUs in unique ways - hence this HBCU inspired coloring book. What makes us different? Well, first, as an HBCU graduate, I know the lasting impact an HBCU can have. Second, finding ways to promote historically black colleges & universities are part of our core values. Created for us by us - HBCUs are rooted in black excellence and are places where students feel at home.

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stuffers! first. 


Questions that need answers:


1. Why don't I see any names of HBCU's?

Well short answer - you need to be licensed to sell any product with the name of the school or any likeness to the school i.e mascot



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